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Food - Collapro

The product range provide functional proteins with different functionalities. Collapro proteins are 100% natural, with excellent binding, texture improvement and emulsifying properties.

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animal Feed

We develop functional proteins with specific properties such as a high degree of acceptance, good digestion for pet food.
Processed animal proteins (PAP’s) such as Meat and bone meal (MBM) are good candidates for fish meal replacement. 


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Animal fats are natural ingredients that are uses in many foodstuffs because of their nutritional value, taste, spreadability and consistency. We produce fats with precisely those properties. Our fats can be found in baking products, magarine, meat products, soups, sauces and savoury pies. We also supply special animal fats suitable for roasting, baking and frying.

Fats Feed

Animal FEED

Animal fats add flavour to animal feed, provide energy and contain important nutrients, uncluding essential fatty acids and vitamins. We supply products that combine vegetable and animal fats according to our customer’s specifications and which are easy to mix wih other ingredients in feed. We also produce fats specially tailored to the pet food industry.

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Animal Fats from the base for a great many consumer products. We supply fats with a specific composition to the chemical industry, which uses them to produce semi-manufacutres for products such as soap, sha,poo, lotions, cosmetics, detergents and wahsing-up liquid.


Ten Kate Producten Olien

industrial applications

Our Lard Oil can be used for a wide range of purposes. Its special properties also make lard oil suitable for use in many technical products like leather industry, metal industry ans used as rolling oil.

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Our Virgin Lard Oil is a pure pig oil from high-quality and carefully selected parts of pig. It gives your food a better natural taste it enriches the flavor of food.

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