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Bakers use pig fat in their products because of its special taste and its excellent properties as a leavening agent for making the dough rise. Our fats are essential ingredients for a wide range of baking products, from croissants and bread to cakes and confectionery. We supply the fats according to the bakery’s specifications, packed in boxes or plastic pails.

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Animal fats are important ingredients in soups, sauces, savoury tarts and pies because of their taste, nutritional value and consistency. Our customers in Asia use these fats in their traditional savoury dishes.
Functional proteins are another important ingredient of savoury products. Our functional protein, Collapro, adds nutritional value, flavour and binding properties to these products and improves their texture.


Collapro is a functional protein additives that improve the formulation of meat products such as luncheon meat, ham and mortadella, frankfurter and Vienna sausages. Collapro are made entirely from pork and have a high collagen content. The protein have excellent water-binding and emulsifying properties, improve the structure and texture of products and have a neutral colour and taste. Collapro are an excellent low-cost meat replacement.

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Food Service

For restaurants and suppliers to the catering industry, we produce animal fats that are ideal for baking, roasting and frying. We supply of lot of our packed fats to Asia, where pig fats are particularly popular in Asian cookery because of their special flavour. The fats can be delivered in boxes, plastic pails or tins, also under private label.

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