Fats for food

Ten Kate’s pig fats are a source of energy, vitamins and fatty acids and improve the taste and texture of food. Chefs appreciate the delicious taste of our pig fat and its exceptional properties for baking, frying and roasting.
The high-quality fats are pure and meet the strictest EU food safety standards. We have a production location dedicated exclusively to the production of fats and proteins for food.
The fats are packed according to your wishes and specifications in boxes, plastic pails or cans, or in bulk containers. We can also supply products with combinations of animal fats and vegetable oils. We also develop fats for production with your own brand name and packaging.

  • Benefits

    • Very good taste and aroma

    • Natural taste enhancer: strengthens the perceived aroma and taste of food

    • Excellent stability at high temperatures

    • Contains no trans fats

    • Pure natural product

    • Long shelf-life − up to 12 months at max. temperature of 25°C

  • Animal fats

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Fats for animal nutrition

ten kate natuurlijke vetten eiwitten kippen

Our animal fats are an important ingredient of animal feed and milk replacer. The fats are a concentrated source of energy, supply essential fatty acids and contain vitamins A, D, E and K. They improve the taste, aroma, texture and digestibility of animal feed.
We produce various types of animal fats and blends of animal and vegetable fats, entirely according to your wishes and specifications. Our fats are easy to mix with the other dry ingredients in animal feed. We deliver the fresh fats directly to your production location. Nutritional value, digestibility, aroma and taste are important properties of animal feed. We not only produce important ingredients to enhance these properties, but are also happy to assist you in developing innovative solutions that will help you to succeed in your market.

  • Benefits

    • Pure product

    • Low free fatty acids content (0.1 – 3%)

    • Fats are easy-to-digest triglycerides

    • High metabolic energy values

    • High in oleic fatty acids (C-18:1)

    • Available with different melting points for specific applications

    • Natural and sustainable product

    • Combinations with vegetable fats possible

    • Also available as plasticised fat

Fats for pet food

vetten voor pet food dierenvoeding ten kate vetten

Dogs and cats are particular about what they eat. Producers of pet food therefore have specific demands for the fats they use. The fats that we produce for pet food possess essential properties such as a high degree of acceptance, easy digestibility, an attractive aroma and a light colour.
Ten Kate’s fats are an important source of energy, essential fatty acids and vitamins in pet food. They also improve the texture, aroma and taste of the food.
Our fats are easy to combine with the other ingredients of dry pet food. We produce fats according to your specifications and will be happy to discuss solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  • Benefits

    • Easy digestion

    • Increases edibility and acceptance, and hence consumption

    • Higher melting point than products such as chicken fat, so chunks retain fat better

    • Good source of energy, essential fatty acids and vitamins

    • Enhanced taste, aroma and texture

    • Contains no trans fats

Fats for technical products

Animal fats are used in many technical products because of their specific properties. For example, the oleochemical industry uses our fats to produce semi-manufactures for a wide range of consumer products including soaps, shampoos, detergents, lotions, cosmetics and cleaning agents.

  • Benefits

    • High quality

    • A wholly natural product

    • Comes in bulk and IBC